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PoolPal™’s dashboard is very advanced and yet simple to cater to various end-users: health inspectors, operator and even the service provider. The Panel is well ahead of its time and offers not only insight but draws a graphical/visual status of the operations, maintenance and energy consumptions variables.

PoolPal™ CICS uses many IIOT sensors and derived logics to monitor and predict various aspects of the pool operations, maintenance and energy consumption.

Our patented, proprietary algorithm gathered hard data around clock and provides a unique and accurate estimation in consumption, savings and future occurrences.

PoolPal™ can be customized to comply with local health regulations.

Yes. Along with TDS, water temperature, Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity and more.

PoolPal™’s platform is built on a solid basis of Artificial Intelligence, Control, Fault- Failure diagnosis, various CSA & API regulatory fundamentals from oil & gas and nuclear digital control computer system, with a difference that PoolPal™ is connected to the cloud.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

PoolPal™ CICS can be programmed to lock doors! The rest is programmed already into the control panel. However, we are open to offer white glove service and customize based on your needs.