Built By Pool Operators To Increase
Agility | Flexibility | Reliability | Security Green Impact | End-User Experience

Pool Hyper-Automation Features

Multi-Tiered Access & Facility

Environmentally Friendly
Net-Zero Geared
Transparent Operation

Industrial-Grade Real-Time

Operating System On-Edge
Cloud Machine Learning
BAS Intergation
Onboard VFD
Onboard Chemical Controller
Anti-Entrapment (SVRS)
Multiple Device Interfaces

100% Satisfaction

Lifetime Warranty,
OS Update &
Monthly Visits



PoolPal™’s Proprietary End-User Feedback Management

Commercial Pool Automation

for various industry segments.

Why Use PoolPal™ Platform?

Commercial Swimming Pool Automation. The Comprehensive Platform.

PoolPal™ is the most advanced industrial-grade machine learning-driven platform, entering the commercial swimming pool market in North America. PoolPal™ is the first true commercial swimming pool automation system platform. “Our end-user-centric Product-As-a-Service single aim is to intelligently assist the operators, have them comply with the health regulations and drive toward an unmanned and on-demand maintenance paradigm,” says Marc Pahlavan, CEO.
The reliability of the unit and how simply it interfaces with the end-users of the pool automation system: Bathers, Operators and Health Inspectors, is why we think there is a huge opportunity for the operators’ quick adoption of PoolPal™. This is a testament to our customers that we are taking initiatives in the circular economy, Net-Zero emissions and are Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) oriented; offering a service that is environmentally affordable, operationally secure, reliable and fits the Smart Building & Smart City vision.

What we offer?

360-degree Overview monitoring and control of the entire commercial swimming pool tasks, equipment, water, parameters, bather load, regulatory compliance, and more, all in one connected, real-time and intelligent solution platform.

Unmanned | On-Demand

Criteria-Based | Usage-Based