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Recently, there has been an increase in demand to the visibility of Indoor Air Quality data. As time goes on more research is being conducted and correlations
have been confirmed – Indoor Air Quality impacts the health, comfort and productivity of building occupants. Not only are occupants and tenants impacted by
IAQ, but building managers, engineers, and integrators need to embrace the power of real-time IAQ data and the importance it has.
A collaboration between Senseware and Southface has proven to have an impact on the need to maintain momentum in Indoor Air Quality assurances.
In this webinar, Senseware and Southface will jointly discuss the new indoor air quality trends including:


  • An introduction to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • The importance of monitoring IAQ
  • Challenges in monitoring IAQ
  • What does IAQ data look like
  • Applications of IAQ

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